Current Events

Native American Day

The Problem

Many common holidays (Thanksgiving, Labor Day, Memorial Day, etc.) began as an observance, and grew to become a "federal holiday".  The same momentum is taking place for a Native American Day, which has yet to be recognized on a national level (although there are many state and local celebrations).  How should this day be observed and celebrated?  What is the best way to raise widespread awareness and support for the new “holiday”?



Item #1 - Very Brief History of Native Americans Video

Item #2 - Why Celebrate a Holiday

Item #3 - Spreading the Word



1. New Holiday Planning Sheet .      Grading Rubric for Product 1

2. Select one of the prompts below and answer in complete RACE paragraph form.  Bonus if you do both!  Use a piece of lined paper from your notebook and turn in when done.

      Prompt #1:   What is a new holiday or celebration that should be recognized in the United States. Why would it be appropriate, and in what way would it be celebrated?

      Prompt #2:  What is the best way to spread the word and gain national support for the new holiday? Why would this be the most effective option?



Remembering September 11

The Problem

The events of September 11th changed the world, especially in the weeks and months that followed. You are a producer who is developing a movie or mini-series that highlights this time period. Who will be the focus of your project, and what will be the storyline? Remember that the impact of 9/11 was different for everyone depending on factors like location, age, religion, occupation, and so on.


Item #1 - 9/11 by the Numbers (infographic)

Item #2 - The Aftermath of September 11 (Article)

Item #3 - September 11th + 1 year (Timeline)

Group PRODUCT -  Thought-Gathering Sheet: Movie Flow Chart

The Product

Answer one of the following two prompts in paragraph form.  Restate the question.  Answer the question. Cite examples/evidence. Explain your ideas. 

Answers may be hand written or typed in a GoogleDoc and then shared with me.  When sharing, please give me edit ability.  I will not change/edit your work but may offer tips and ideas.


1.  What was the immediate reaction to the September 11th attacks? How did daily lifes change in the weeks and months that followed?


2. What is a story (fiction or non-fiction) that you think would highlight the impact of 9/11 in the weeks and months that followed? Why?