Road to Revolution

Colonial AMERICAN Ideals

4.2 Guided Reading

Ch. 4-4 Guided Reading


French and Indian War

French & Indian War Video Part 1

French & Indian War Video Part 2

4.4 Graphic Organizer (Broadsheet Prep)

Broadsheet Project Directions & Rubric


Actions, Taxes, and Boycotts.  Oh My!

Proclamation of 1763 Map

Taxes and Boycotts Graphic Organizer

Taxes and Boycotts - Additional Reading



Proclamation of 1763

Sugar Act 1764

Stamp Act and Declaratory Acts 1765

Quartering Act of 1765

Townshend Acts 1767, Writs of Assistance 1763, 1767

Boston Massacre

Boston Tea Party 1773

Intolerable Acts 1774


A Taxing We Will Go

Broadside Ballad Project

A Massacre in Boston Priamar Source DBQ and Trial

Trial Simulation Directions

Boston Massacre Art DBQ

John Adams and the Boston Massacre Trials

Multiple Prespectives Primary Source Activity 

Trial Notes Page - Complete during the trial process

Trial Video

Jury Verdict Pages - given to the jury during class


Is This War?

Ch. 5.3

The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere - video reading

The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere - text

Concord Hymn

Concord Bridge

History and Art Project

Steps to the Revolution Foldable

The Declaration of Independence

Declaration Slides

Declaration Nearpod

Declaration Scavenger Hunt


Revolutionary War Video Series

Rev War Video Series Part 1 - Rebels and Readcoats

Rev. War Video Series Part 2 - Independence

Rev. War Video Series Questions


America the Soty of Us Episode 1

America the Story of Us Episode 2 


Causes of the American Revolution Essay


Essay Directions

Essay Graphic Organizer

Essay Rubric