7th Civics

Day 1 - What is the state and purpose of government?

The State and Purpose of Government PPT

The State and Purpose of Government Guided Notes

Characteristics of a State Foldable

Vocabulary Tab Notes


Day 2 - How did government begin?

Theories on the Beginning of Government PPT

Theories on the Beginning of Government Guided Notes

Political Cartoon Activity

Day 3 - What are the types of government?

Types of Government PPT

Types of Government Guided Notes

Forms of Government Reading

Forms of Government GO 

Modern Examples of Government Activity


Day 4 - What does a democracy look like?

Characteristics of Democracy PPT

Characteristics of Democracy Guided Notes

Rights in a Democracy Reading & Questions



Quizlet Vocabulary Review

Jeopardy (Flipquiz) Review


The Constitution

Principles of the Constitution Foldable - See Mr. W. for directions and reading.

Principles of the Constitution Reading HW - Download this to Notability.

     Directions: 1. Read the text under the heading "Our Constitution"  2.  Highlight the definitions of the 7 principles reviewed in the reading.  3.  Answer questions 1-8 in the spaces provided.