1st Round - Discovery

You will be involved in a simulation activity which recreates some of the mysteries, hardships, successes, and excitement faced by early American settlers.  Decide why you are leaving your home for the New World, pack your ships, set sail, decide where to land and settle, decide what your colony needs and the work that needs to be done day to day.  Hard work pays off but sometimes events happen that are out of your control.  Will you be prepared for the unexpected?  Will you sruvive and prosper as a group?  Discover it all.


2nd Round - Public Speaking

Day 1  Introduction/Overview, Quick Practice Topic Selection and Learning (5 minutes), Quick Topic Speech Writing, Quick Topic Speeches  (2 min. each and will be recorded),

Day 2   Final Quick Topic Speeches (2 min. each and will be recorded), Watch your own speech, Create Public Speeking Foldable,  5 Basic Public Speaking Tips Video, Select Your Topic

Day 3  Topic Learning Day 1

Day 4  Topic Learning Day 2

Day 5  Topic Learning Day 3

Day 6  How to Give a Killer Presentation Video, Outline Speech, Begin Writing Speech

Day 7 Write Speech, First Reading, Revise Speech, Practice Speech

Day 8  Final Practice Day and Speech #1

Day 9  Speeches

Day 10   Speeches 



America the Story of US - Episode 1- Youtube

America the Story of US - Episode 1 - Questions


Arlington Field of Honor Video


Statue of Liberty

 - Homeschool Pop

Statue of Liberty for Kids

Deconstructing the Statue

The New Colossus by Emma Lazarus