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In this unit, we will be learning about the Physical Geography of Australia.  We will also be learning about the human geography of the country, both it's original inhabitants and immigration over the years.  One of the big skills during the until will be finding Main Idea and Supporting Detail in expository text.  


Links, handouts, articles, etc. are all found at the bottom of the page.  For many of these you will have a choice of paper copy or download to your iPad.

Australia Independent Packet


Australia Physical Geography

Nearpod: 5 Themes Intro and Notes

Nearpod: Time for Kids Intro

Australia Political Map

Where In the World Is Australia

Text Reading 1

Guided Reading from expository text.

Australia Land, Climate, Vegetation Article and Quiestions

Great Barrier Reef Video

Great Barrier Reef Video Observation Guide

Australia's Animals Video

  - Independent note challeng - Identify 10 different species and two facts about each throughout the video.


Australia Culture and History

Australia Brief History and Immigration - Main Idea and Supporting Detail

Australia's Aborigines Discussion Questions

     Video Part 1

     Video Part 2

      Video Part 3

      Video Part 4 

Quick Intro to Aboriginal Culture Video .  Draw the Graphic Organizer pictured below



Aboriginal Art

Myths & Legends

Aboriginal Stories

Myth of the Boomerang

Australia Geo Poem and Rubric