History Intro, First Inhabitants, & Early Explorers

Our year begins with a look at point of view as it relates to history.  We will also review the first inhabitants of what became the United States.


How do we approach history?

Interpreting Hisotry - The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

Video: The True Story fo the Three Little Pigs


But before we start...

U.S. Citizenship Test


The First Americans

Native American Cultures Map

Native American Life Video 1

Native American Life Video 2. emailed to class

Native American Life - Video Notes

Native American Life One Pagers

    One Pager Guide and Tips


       Great Plains



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Ch. 1.3 Graphic Organizer


Investigating Columbus ~ Deep Dive

Our first deep investigation is one that takes an event from 1492  and brings it directly into the lives of Americans today.  

We will be investigating the idea of Columbus Day; how it began and why it is now a controversial holiday.   You will learn about these events and ideas through a variety of sources and then produce a formal five paragraph essay.


One of the larger ideas is how and why our culture selects it's heros.  We will explore this idea through class discussion.  Demonstrating your understanding of the idea will be extra credit for 1st Trimester. 


Columbus Questions and Written Response 

Essay Rubric


Columbus Day Investigation Vocabulary


Use the sources below to learn about Christopher Columbus.  Be sure to compare and contrast how he was portrayed in our textbook reading (Ch. 2.2 p. 37-40).

Required   SOURCE 1   Ch. 2-2 Guided Reading - Textbook

Required   SOURCE 2   Challenging Columbus - Jr. Scholastic 

Required   SOURCE 3  History.com Two Videos

Required   SOURCE 4   Columbus Reconsidered PPT - Class 

Required  SOURCE 5   Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples' Day?  NPR Story

                                              Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples' Day? - NPR Story and Podcast

                                              - In the article, also listen to the Words You'll Hear: Indigenous Peoples Day segment.

You must use a minimum of one  of the sources below:

SOURCE 6   Why the US Celebrates Columbus Day - Vox Video   Design your own graphic organizer

SOURCE 7   Everything You Need to Know About Indigenous Peoples' Day - Article  Design your own graphic organizer

SOURCE 8. Christopher Columbus - History.com


The Spanish in America


Ch. 2.3 Notes Page