Washington, DC

Washington with Wallace - August 10-13, 2021


Mr. Wallace is offering a trip to Washington, DC in the summer.  This is a trip for children and parents who are members of the Exeter or West Greenwich communities.  This trip is for children who are in Grade 7 or 8 during the 2020-2021 academic year. 

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Registration Information 

Registration packets are available through Mr. Wallace directly.  ONLINE REGISTRATION COMING SOON         Trip ID: 


Student Phone/Device Policy 

Students are allowed to bring their phones or small game devices.  They will also need to bring a labeled charger. 

Student phones will be turned off and inaccessible during the tour day.  The tour day begins when we meet our guides in the morning until our guides leave us at the end of the day.  Students who violate the rule will lose their phone for the duration of the trip.  Chaperones will have their phones and will take pictures for their group and share them after each tour day ends.  

Student phones/devices will be collected each night at 10:00 pm and returned after breakfast the next day.

Parents who have to contact their child during the tour day should call Tour Central at 800-468-5899.  The company will relay your number and you will be connected to your child within just a couple of minutes.


Worldstrides Site and Trip Basics

More info. about financial options are at the bottom of this page.



It is highly recommended that you participate in the Full Refund Program. If you need to cancel your child's registration for any reason, WorldStrides will refund all money paid to WorldStrides (less no-refundable deposit, fees, and Full Refund Program cost). This program also includes special Job Loss Protection. You must check Yes or No at the bottom of the sign up form or online.



WorldStrides offers financial assistance. Please read about the FLAG Foundation assistance program in your registration packet or online as you register.